Buying Lingerie for Your Partner
Buying lingerie for someone you love (or are hoping to love!) is a daunting experience for men and getting it right is about as important as choosing the right perfume or buying her the right chocolate. This is not something that you do on a whim – this takes some considered thought.

But don't worry because we have some great hints to point you in the right direction. After all, we are experts – whether it is sexy, demure or practical – we are going to help you to choose the best lingerie for your partner and make you look like the expert.

Indulge her, not your fantasies

Underwear is incredibly personal and is something we save for ourselves and those we are intimate with. You must buy lingerie that works for the woman who is wearing it. It should make her feel beautiful and special, but should never be a reflection of your personal taste. Let's face it, the lingerie that comes into your dreams, may not be the look that she dreams of.

Consider her body

If your partner has a curvy body, she may prefer something that has plenty of structure and hold, while a very slim woman may appreciate a bra that gives her a little lift or a chemise that creates curves. You should find an item that will enhance her favourite features and hides those parts she would rather not have on show. This shows that you understand and truly know her.

She is a sophisticated woman

This is grown-up woman lingerie. The sort that makes her feel sexy and powerful under her clothes and even more so when they come off. She will appreciate that you want her to be beautiful and sexy, if she knows that the gift is bought with love, commitment and respect.

Know the basics

• Her size – get this right, because a bra or knickers that are too small or large will look terrible and will be uncomfortable. It is also really embarrassing for your other half if you underestimate her size.
• Know your fabrics – silk and lace are high quality and will feel fantastic against her skin. Splash out on these and know that she is getting something that is a lifetime gift.
• Think about the colour – You can use colour to reflect her personality. Strong shades can sometimes be fun, but pure white or black is always a good bet.
• Shape matters – t-back, crossover, bias cut, short, long, waist high or skimpy. Spend some time looking at the options and take into account her body, her clothes and her personality.

So, as you can see it isn't as hard as you thought. Don't rush your purchase and feel free to ask questions. If you want her to be incredibly impressed by your thoughtful gift, it takes time and some indulgent thought. Not a hardship, in our book.